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Will O-bow-ma Give Away the US?

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We’ve all heard of the upcoming climate control meeting in Copenhagen in which President Obama (O-bow-ma) has a chance to sign on to a doctrine that puts US sovereignty behind an international committee (of communists and socialists) designed to redistribute the wealth of developed countries to under-developed countries for the purpose of limiting carbon output.

Now comes the International Criminal Court (ICC) via the “Rome Statute”.  The Bush Administration declined to sign the US on to this leftist group and treaty for fear that the ICC would like nothing better than to try US soldiers for “war crimes”.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (remember her???) has already stated her regret that the US was not already a signor.  If O-bow-ma signs on, then our brave and courageous service men and women will be at risk of trial by an organization which has no hand in the direction and guidance of our Armed Services.  And, just how far reaching will ICC go?

Based upon the bowing we’ve all seen coming from the current administration, seems like O-bow-ma will sign on to both!

Read About the ICC here.

Written by letstakethecountryback

November 28, 2009 at 7:37 pm